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Mary Luft | Eiko + Koma
Mary Luft
photo by Eiko

Mary Luft (February 11, 2011)

Reflections on a few days with Eiko & Koma

I start with the words on the surveys written by audience members. The survey asked the audience member to: “use 3 words to describe today’s performance.”

Here are the results.

Eos, Pieta-esque, Para lingual
Ethereal, Touching, Beginnings
Unexpected, Out of the ordinary
Slow, Haunting, Human
Intensive, Emotional, Unique
Disturbing, Engaging, Intense
Unique, Cultural, Interesting
Slow, Strange, Thoughtful
Powerful, Emotional, Caring
Unique, Wonderful, Imaginative
Capturing, Interesting, Confusing?

These adjectives also reflect the huddles in the lobby after the concerts. People could not go home. They had to discuss, talk about what they just saw.

Potatoes will never be the same.

February 2011, Miami
Mary Luft
Tigertail Productions